Playground Earth is an adventure travel directory and marketplace connecting Adventure Companies with Travelers and Adventure Seekers around the world.

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  • Adventure Companies 
  • Sailing, Surfing and Scuba Centers & Schools
  • Sailing Charter Companies
  • Tour Guides and Operators
  • Unique accommodations, resorts & spas
  • Travel Insurance companies

We aim to be the most effective lead generation partner for your business. Our listings are designed to be SEO optimized and fast. We use search schemas and data structures that help us achieve better external search results. Internally, our unique listings types, taxonomies and filters provide the best search results.

The idea is not to replace or replicate your web site or other review sites but to complement these resources with tools, features and services that are dedicated to our industry and added to help you grow your business. 

Unlike standard directories which offer passive listings we work with you to make your presence in our directory as success. This is why we offer each account a data dashboard to display visits, unique visits, sources and actions on each listings.

All listing packages offer our personalized support to help craft optimized copy and images.  Paid plans go a step further offering you micro-ads service to bring traffic to your  page and qualified leads to your business. 

Add promotions, coupons, events and job openings. 


  • Everyone looking to explore the world.
  • Find Local or remote adventures
  • Families on short-term vacations
  • Independent solo travelers and couples
  • Long-term travelers and digital nomads

We offer you an engaging platform to explore the world. Whereas you enjoy reading travel stories, articles and vetted reviews, or you have fun discovering new ideas for your next vacation, using our explore pages and search engine will help you find new ideas and connect with providers fast and easy.

Most of the travel content and listings are created by us from our own experiences. We review and add adventures that we have experienced directly or know someone close who has. We invite companies, and owners to add or claim their listings. Part of our onboarding process verifies the information and works directly with business owners to craft copy that is unique and useful. This partnership provides accurate and up-to-date information that you can trust with discounts and offers that you can benefit from. 


To promote travel and adventure as a way to support a positive and balance lifestyle while helping the Outdoor Travel Industry grow and thrive. 


Founded in 2002, Playground Earth began as an online travel company.

The name Playground Earth came up during a long hike in Hawaii as we were celebrating that we live in an amazing playground. Realizing that each of our vacations offered us unique experiences along with fascinating travel stories, we started taking notes and creating journals. With time we found that travel writing and photography was our passion. The reflection and observation that comes through writing made our vacations even more interesting. Inevitably, we decided to make travel our profession.

After 2 years of planning we left our jobs, sold our home, cars and most of our personal belongings and set out to explore extraordinary places and write positive stories and reviews of our adventures. Five months and five countries into our journey our travels were interrupted by COVID19. By this time we had landed on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, which was largely free of cases. We were very lucky to be “stuck” in one of the most beautiful and safest places as the pandemic spread throughout the world.

As fortunate as we felt, we were mindful of the local and global toll that the pandemic was taking on the very industry we had set out to promote. We dedicated our entire lockdown and pandemic time to rebuild our business as an adventure finder and marketplace to help realize out mission in a more comprehensive way.

We are travel writers

We are travel writers and photographers covering the most beautiful places on earth to bike, hike, kayak, sail, walk and enjoy all the other amazing natural activities. From Air, land and water we know that it is the adventures and activities that make our travels memorable. Traveling is enriching because of the unique experiences and cultural exposure. We cover:

  • Adventures
  • Destinations 
  • Hikes & Walks
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Foods & Markets
  • Travel Stories
  • Good news from (our blog)

Guest travel writers are welcome to submit articles. Contact us if you have a stories to share with us and our readers.

Our work

Our work benefits from 50 years of combined experience working in Search, Technical SEO, Search Marketing, Online Advertising, Content Marketing and RTC (Real-Time Communications) as well as Sales, Vendor Relations and Account Management. 

Fernanda Dorsey

CFO - Chief Fun Officer | Photographer

Fernanda brings 20 years in Product Management working for various internet, telecommunications, and media companies. During this time she has developed and managed technology products including e-commerce, bookings and reservations, voice, RTC and search.

The experience managing internet and search products has given her the ability to enhance her web development, UX and web design skills to build a content, listings and leads generation platform that is fast and well optimized for humans and for search engines.

Her roles include advertising, analytics, business formation, branding, development, design, content and social media management, managerial accounting, and of course, product management and UX. And… her least favorite role, bookkeeping.

Jim Dorsey

CAO - Chief Adventure Officer | Travel Writer

Jim brings his 31 years of experience in the apparel industry where he specialized in Marketing, Business Development, Account Management and Client/Vendor relations.

During his career Jim worked with a wide variety of companies and nonprofits such as The North Face, Timberland, Patagonia, GAP, Banana Republic, Malibu Shirts, LACMA, MOMA, MOCA, Panavision, The Cousteau Society, ONE.org, American Rivers, Oceana, Rails-to-Trails and many more.

Jim’s personal and professional approach to Account Management and Business Development were essential to opening, growing and maintaining long term relationships with hundreds of clients and industry partners. 

Contact Jim via to explore advertising, partnership and sponsorship opportunities or to discuss anything related to food!