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Key features to help you promote your business

Realtime Stats

Real Time Stats

View your account dashboard to check stats on visits to your listings. Listing Views, Unique views, Sources, Devices and more.

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Location Detection

Our website is global. Your customers can find you using global search, location detection, and nearby search. Users can search, explore, or find you via a map view.

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Add Products

Add your own products and sell them in our marketplace. Coming Soon!

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Fully Responsive

Pages are mobile friendly and fully responsive. They are designed to be easy to view and offer just the key details visitors need at a glance to make the decision to call you.

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Easy to use interface

Clean and simple layouts optimized for SEO, Speed, and clarity and designed to highlight the call to action.

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Quick contactS

Leads can select from a wide set of quick contact features such as Click to Call, on page Instant Message, Contact Form.


Our Audience

  • Adventure Companies 
  • Sailing, Surfing and Scuba Centers & Schools
  • Sailing Charter Companies
  • Tour Guides and Operators
  • Unique accommodations, resorts & spas
  • Travel Insurance and travel related services

We aim to be the most effective lead generation partner for your business. Our listings are designed to be SEO optimized and fast. We use search schemas and data structures that help us achieve better external search results. Internally, our unique listings types, taxonomies and filters provide a fun and engaging discovery experience and accurate search results.

The idea is not to replace or replicate your web site or other review sites but to complement these resources with Quick Actions, features and services that are dedicated to our industry and offered to help grow your business.

Unlike standard directories which offer passive listings we work with you to make your presence in our directory a success. This is why we offer each account a data dashboard to display visits, unique visits, sources and actions on each listings.

All listing packages offer our personalized support to help craft optimized copy and images. Paid plans go a step further offering you micro-ads service to bring traffic to your page and qualified leads to your business.

In addition, you can add promotions, coupons, events and job openings.


  • Looking to explore the world
  • Looking for local or remote adventures
  • Families on short-term vacations
  • Independent solo travelers and couples
  • Long-term travelers and digital nomads

We offer you an engaging platform to explore the world. Whether you enjoy reading travel stories, articles and vetted reviews, or you have fun discovering new ideas for your next vacation, using our explore pages and search engine will help you find new ideas and connect with provider’s special deals and discounts.

Most of the travel content and listings are created by us from our own experiences. We review and add adventures that we have experienced directly or know someone close who has. We also invite companies, and owners to add or claim their listings. Part of our onboarding process verifies the information and works directly with business owners to craft copy that is unique and useful.

This partnership provides accurate and up-to-date information that you can trust with discounts and offers that you can benefit from.


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