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Listings are pages dedicated to showcasing the key information about a business.

The term comes from the old fashion directories used in the past to find services and companies and it is still frequently used by internet directories. We aim to be the largest, most accurate and complete database of Adventure Companies and related services but most importantly, our goal is to build pages that can serve as effective lead-generation vehicles for your business.

Unlike other online directories which are passive we take a proactive approach by making sure listings are optimized for search, SEO, speed and advertising.

How do I add a LISTING?

The process is simple.

  • Click on Add Listings
  • Select your Listing Type 
  • Select a plan
  • Fill out the listing form 
  • Complete checkout

That is it!

We will review your listing and approve it when all the fields are completed and verified. Our team will work with you to make sure your images are optimized. Advanced plans benefit from additional services to help capture leads for your business.


Listings are based on carefully crafted Listing Types to offer each industry segment the dedicated and targeted information fields that are relevant. This helps showcase your key business attributes and offer visitors the tools to contact you fast and easy.

We made the effort to deeply researched each business type to create listing pages that are useful and easy to read.  Pages that will offer just enough information to convert a viewer into a quality lead for your business. 

Adventure Companies Listing Type was built on a dedicated taxonomy and data structure based on what Travelers and Adventure Seekers are more likely to look for. The Events Listing Type offer event details, organizer information, event dates, recurring dates, etc.


Each plan offers a set number of listings that you can add plus additional features. You can start with the Easy plan and upgrade or add more listings at any time. You can also promote your listings as a Feature Listings and create related listings. 

For example, Adventure Companies often offer tours, rentals, classes, certifications, events and products. With this in mind, we added a Relate Listings features to allow you to create a presence for each that is connected to your main company page. The benefit for you is that each page serves as a dedicated landing page in search results and also for external promotions, offering searches and prospects the precise details the are looking for.

What makes our listings different and better than other online directories is that we take a proactive approach by offering each listing a professional review for copy, seo, image quality and optimization at no additional cost. Advanced plans include all of these services plus micro-ad services to promote your presence in social media. Contact us for details on Ad Services.


Our listings follow the standard directory practice to allow owners to “claim a listing” to take ownership of the page. If your page was already created by us and you can find it in the search results you will be able to claim it. 

Visit your page and look for the Claim Listing on the Quick Actions Bar at the top of the page. Click on this link to follow the Claim flow. We will then receive the request and approve it. Once approved you will be able to edit the page, view listings traffic stats, add offers and refine your features and attributes.

You may also promote your listing as a features listings to showcase it on the home page and across travel content on our web site. 


All listings are easy to find by activity, type, and location as well as other smart filters. We offer engaging explore pages for users to search on a map view, by category and region. A business may promote listings on the home page and related content pages as well. 

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