Listing Features

Our listing pages are design to serve as landing pages for your business

Realtime Stats

Real Time Stats

View your account dashboard to check stats on visits to your listings. Listing Views, Unique views, Sources, Devices and more.

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Location Detection

Our website is global. Your customers can find you using global search, location detection, and nearby search. Users can search, explore, or find you via a map view.

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Add Products

Add your own products and sell them in our marketplace. Coming Soon!

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Fully Responsive

Pages are mobile friendly and fully responsive. They are designed to be easy to view and offer just the key details visitors need at a glance to make the decision to call you.

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Easy to use interface

Clean and simple layouts optimized for SEO, Speed, and clarity and designed to highlight the call to action.

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Quick contactS

Leads can select from a wide set of quick contact features such as Click to Call, on page Instant Message, Contact Form.