Our Story

Playground Earth® started in April of 2001 as a personal travel  web site dedicated to showcasing articles and reviews of the best destinations to vacation. We love to travel and this was a great way to share travel stories and tips with friends. There are many categories of travel styles such as cultural travel, volunteering and even business travel. There is also Adventure travel usually reserved by the most extreme adventures. The ones most families will not even think about. Let’s face it. Most people are not going to climb Denali, but we all can hike the trails around its base. Most families will not go river kayaking in the Little White Salmon in Washington but anyone can river raft some parts of this river safely.  Playground Earth® is about travel to experience these soft adventures.

We found that adding soft adventures to our trips was a very enriching way of connecting with nature and our planet. Through the years the strongest memories that we have from our trips are the memories of the outdoor activities we enjoyed. Hiking, river rafting, snowboarding, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, soring, etc.

We often talk about how we live on an amazing playground.  Traveling offers such a great way to view life. Looking over the cliffs on the Napali Coast after a 5 hour hike makes you realize the immensity of our world. It also helps to put work in perspective. Beauty of that magnitude encourages our spirits and invites reflection on the truly valuable things in life; health, family, friends, love and nature.

Our reflections often include the topic of work, the amount of time we spend at our jobs, and how important is to find balance in life. These ideas became the foundation for Playground Earth. To complete the connection between work and play we decided to bring our business and personal travel experiences together to build Playground Earth as a life-style brand that would capture these values and ideas.