Biarritz to Bayonne France

Playground-Earth-Txokola…Alchimiste de Cacao

The city of Bayonne, on the meandering Adour river, is the epicenter of chocolate in France. Enjoy our Biarritz to Bayonne France travel story.

7 Northern Spain Walks

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The Basque region is a walker paradise. Several short rides away from the city landed us in some extraordinary places for our 7 Northern Spain Walks

Bilbao to Elciego

Hotel Est. photo

A short hour and a half bus ride took us from Bilbao to Elciego. Every minute of the day was an amazing and highly recommended experience.

The Wall of Nine Windows Aqueduct

Playground Earth Ancientaqueductonaclearday

Since antiquity aqueducts were constructed to transport water from one place to another, thus insuring a regular and controlled supply of fresh water.

Water, water everywhere!

The mighty Atlantic meets the lava delta

The Ilha Verde (Green Island) is lush from shore-to-shore. With over three feet of rain annually every corner of this paradise is bursting with rivers, streams, waterfalls and lakes.

Our 5 top hikes of Sao Miguel


There are dozens upon dozens of interesting and challenging hikes on the island of Sao Miguel, many of which we explored. Here are our 5 top hikes of Sao Miguel, Azores

A 400 year old water village

The 400 year old water village

The Azores islands are known for many natural wonders. Among them is a 400-year-old water village known as the Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park

Surviving the Oxi Pass in Iceland

PGE l Iceland is an exotic land, and landscape, that is best experienced on foot. During our 2-week stay we were blessed with unusually good late fall weather allowing us to comfortably explore many parts of this glorious island. Here are our six favorite iceland hikes.

The story of surviving the Öxi Pass in Iceland. The Öxi Pass is a mountain pass located in Eastern Iceland at an elevation of 1,768 feet above the sea level.

Four favorite Iceland waterfalls


Our four favorite Iceland waterfalls. During our 2-week stay we were blessed with unusually good late fall weather allowing us to comfortably explore many parts of this glorious island.

Heavy surf at Ponta da Ferraria

Playground Earth | Ponta Da Ferraira

Although Hurricane Epsilon was downgraded to Tropical Storm the wind and waves approaching the westernmost point of Ponta Da Ferraria were massive.

Fort William

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There are many destinations in the world that lay claim to being ?capitals? of one thing or another. Spend some time in Fort William and you will quickly realize why this small town justifiably bills itself as the ?Outdoor Capital of the UK?

Grena Parque Hike

playground earth grena parque hike

Grena Parque is treasured by locals and tourists alike for its greenery, numerous waterfalls and fantastic viewpoints of the lake, mountains and meadows.

Enjoying P’Alma Sushi

Playground Earth l P'Alma Sushi l Salmon Sashimi

Being from Southern California it is hard to impress us when it comes to sushi. P’Alma Sushi in Ponta Delgada won us over on our first visit.

Isle of Skye

Playground Earth | Biking | Isle of Skye

Visiting a major tourist destination without the tourists. The Isle of Skye is located off Scotland?s northwest coast and is the largest island in the inner Hebrides archipelago.

Lagoa do Fogo Hike

Playground Earth | Lagoa do Fogo

On a cool February day with radiant blue skies we took the drive from Ponta Delgada to the Miradouro da Lagoa do Fogo.