A Caribbean vibe at Fish Tales

Fish Tales is the go to place for great island atmosphere

Richmond Hill, Georgia


There is no exaggerating the success of this popular low country gathering spot located on the Ogeechee River in Richmond Hill, Georgia. For locals and travelers alike Fish Tales is the go to place for great food, tasty libations and live music, all tuned to a Caribbean vibe.

Drive past Fish Tales at the Fort McAllister Marina on the Ogeechee River and you might think you have just landed in the Bahamas or perhaps the well known Mexican surf town of Todos Santos. The only things missing are surfers and white sand beaches.

It is often said that the “devil is in the details”. In the case of Fish Tales the details start with the handmade tables and chairs built by the owner in his garage and painted in vibrant, tropical colors. The eclectic collection of island themed signs, mirrors and assorted memorabilia enhance the family friendly, festive vibe.

And of course there are Christmas lights…lots of Christmas lights!

To top it off (literally) there is a massive tiki hut, custom built specifically for Fish Tales, serving as yet another example of the owners affinity for all things Caribbean.

PGE l Fish Tales l Another afternoon at the Tiki Hut
PGE l Fish Tales l Another afternoon at the Tiki Hut

Fish Tales is as much an institution in these parts as it is a restaurant. If the walls could talk the stories would make good material for an Ernest Hemingway novel. Were “Papa” Hemingway alive today you would more than likely find him sitting at the bar knocking back a few drinks and regaling the locals with his many global exploits.

Patrons come to Fish Tales from far and wide and for many reasons…the food (be sure to order their famous hush puppies), the camaraderie that is unique to the boating and fishing community, the Thursday evening live music or simply to be with their families while enjoying a good dose of mingling and people watching. Even the dogs have a good time while their owners move from table to table greeting friends and neighbors. One would be hard pressed to find a friendlier or more relaxed place to spend a couple of hours.

PGE l Fish Tales l Thursday live music l Check out that ambitious tip jar!
PGE l Fish Tales l Thursday live music l Check out that ambitious tip jar!

After weathering years of neglect Fish Tales is now on many people’s radar when they’re in the mood for a relaxed good time. When two separate hurricanes roared through the area tearing up the marina and causing considerable water damage to the restaurant and kitchen it was not only the staff that stepped up to pitch in for the clean-up but dozens of locals, some of whom the owners did not even recognize. 

Community comes in spades in these parts.

Fish Tales, and the adjoining Fort McAllister Marina are owned and operated by Butch and Sherri Broome, the tireless, affable couple who take their patrons enjoyment seriously. Or as serious as you can be while sipping a cold one in a tiki hut overlooking the marina on a breezy afternoon. 

Kudos to them and their great management team who go out of their way to hire some of the friendliest local young people. Their collective enthusiasm for working in this lively restaurant is evident in their smiling faces and consistently excellent service.

PGE l Fish Tales l Tiki Hut & Boat launch
PGE l Fish Tales l Tiki Hut & Boat launch

So, if you’ve got the itch, but not the time, to visit the Caribbean pull your boat up or drive your 4×4 or golf cart over to Fish Tales at the Fort McAllister Marina and enjoy the next best thing. While you won’t encounter Papa Hemingway there are guaranteed to be enough colorful characters to make for some lively conversation.

And while you’re enjoying the view of the marina and the vast salt marsh beyond don’t forget to order some Ogeechee gator tails and a side of those famous hush puppies.