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Bilbao to Elciego

A short hour and a half bus ride took us from Bilbao to Elciego. Every minute of the day was an amazing and highly recommended experience.

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AJ another afternoon on the water

Shell Ring Oyster Company

As wild oyster populations along the Southeast coast continue to come under both man-made and natural threats, Andrew Carmines of Shell Ring Oyster Company strives to increase awareness of the benefits of sustainably farming these hard working and beneficial bivalves.

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A visit to the sweet onion capitol of the world

A visit to the sweet onion capitol of the world reveals that under the dedicated stewardship of third generation brothers Troy and Landis, Glennville, Georgia based Bland Farms continues to build on their family’s legacy of growing the finest Vidalia® sweet onions in the country.

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2nd market 2

Exploring Idaho’s original food hall

Known to travel long distances for a good time and a good meal, our guest author leaves one of the Food Hall capitols of the West Coast to explore Idaho’s original food hall in Twin Falls.

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Blue Lagoon 14

The Blue Lagoon is worth it

During our 2-week adventure to the Land of Fire and Ice we were curious to to experience the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most visited attraction. The best way to see for ourselves was to book an overnight stay. At the end of our 2-day sojourn we left believing that the Blue Lagoon is worth it.

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Club Med is Still Swinging

Club Med is Still Swinging

Whether you’re swinging a tennis racket or swinging from the high-wire during a trapeze class, Club Med is Still Swinging. This time honored club concept of a vacation promises to deliver the closest thing to an adult summer camp that offers both relaxation along with land and water-based activities throughout the day.

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A magical stay in the forest

The Furnas Lake Forest Living Resort in Furnas, Sao Miguel Island in the Azores was A magical stay in the forest. Ideal from families, romantic get aways, and long terms stay.

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