In the swing of things

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Playground Earth | Good News From | Furnas Swing

Today brought sunshine after another night, and morning, of heavy rain with strong winds. Several trees are down and many of the meadows near the lake have turned into small lakes. The local ducks appear overjoyed with all their temporary aquatic options.

So what better way to get back in the “swing of things” than to take a stroll over to the park and sit on the large swing overlooking the lake and nearby mountains.

With a strong breeze pushing the lake in our direction we spent time basking in the sun while watching the ducks bobbing up and down in the whitecaps. Late afternoon brings out the fish as they leap furiously into the air in search of dinner.

As we watch the clouds race across the sky, it is these quiet, reflective times that make us grateful to be living in this beautiful place. We know that it won’t last forever so we are enjoying every day.

Thanks for following. Stay safe.

The Azore