Heavy Rain

Playground Earth | Good News from The Azores

It is widely recognized that the North Atlantic has some of the most feared and fearsome weather on the planet.

While I am no sailor (the whole boat thing didn’t work out too well!) I would not hesitate to say that if I was anywhere near the Azores on a boat today I would double up on my diapers. If it was this vicious on land I cannot imagine life on the water.

Today the rain was like some sort of schizophrenic. “Do I go left, right, sideways perhaps?” All of the above. The only thing it did not do was rain upside down. But there is still time. The night is young.

The lake was equally strange with waves opposing each other in a battle for directional supremacy. Freaky does not explain how wild this is to see. Tomorrow through the next 6 days promises more of the same.

And the horses? They stand stoic just outside our cabin munching on grasses so green I want to try some myself.

Chances are we will sleep very close together tonight!