Help, Help

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"Help, Help"

This morning brought sunshine with the usual chorus of birds urging us to wake up and get outside. We were oh-so happy to comply.

A well deserved break from two days of rain allowed us, along with one happy dog, to get outdoors for the day and continue with some much needed gardening, post storm clean-up and pruning chores.

After breakfast, a shower and a quick check of the news, we grabbed our gloves and trimmers and headed out to the rows of hydrangeas that have occupied most of our gardening time here at the retreat. It was a relief to catch up on our chores on such a beautiful day.

There is something meditative about gardening. It doesn’t matter if we are pulling weeds, composting vegetable beds or in today’s case, pruning dozens of hydrangea bushes to prepare them for a healthy bloom in the months to come. Being this close to nature day-to-day allows us to fully appreciate the web of life.

After about an hour of pruning we saw something in the sky that we have not seen in weeks. An airplane!

In a humorous, and manic, moment I looked up, spread my arms wide and began yelling “help, help”, we’re down here” in a mock attempt to be rescued from the island. We laughed so hard we were almost crying. We carried that moment of spontaneous giddiness with us the rest of the day.

With our chores complete (well, they’re never really complete) we replaced our gloves and trimmers for a pair of binoculars and headed to the hiking trails behind the retreat to stretch our legs while attempting to spot some eagles before heading back to our studio for dinner.

Knowing that the rain would return overnight, and last through Sunday, we were grateful for the chance to get outside for the day.

Next week promises some more sunshine. We hope. So do the hydrangeas!

Thanks for following. Stay safe.