The Marco Polo Mega Ship

The Marco Polo Mega Ship
A glimpse at the world’s largest container ship

Savannah, Georgia


In late May the Marco Polo Mega Ship, a description defying container ship, proudly entered Savannah, Georgia on her way to the Port of Savannah. Lacking the words to describe something this large it was all that we could do to stand and stare.

And stare we did! 

On a clear blue morning we woke earlier than normal to witness the passing of the world’s largest container ship, the CMA CGM Marco Polo, as she proudly made her way into the Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal.

Escorted by multiple tugboats deploying their water cannons the ships entry up the Savannah River had the festive air of a tall ship parade. Only this ship is not only tall but long.

Very, very long.

At 1,300 feet long and 175 feet wide the Marco Polo Mega Ship is 50 feet taller than the Empire State Building which stands at 1250 feet tall. She can hold 16,000 20 food containers filled with everything from appliances, clothing and home furnishings to holiday supplies.

PGE l Marco Polo l Heading toward Savannah Harbor
PGE l Marco Polo l Heading toward Savannah Harbor

Lining the banks of the Savannah River along River Streets were hundreds of ship gazers willing to wake up early enough to experience the majesty of this floating beast. We overheard some people saying that they skipped work to witness this rare opportunity!

Thanks to the long-range planning, financing and ongoing work managed by the Army Corps of Engineers the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) is deepening the channel to 47 feet from its current depth of 42 feet, thus allowing this new generation of super, super cargo ships to access the Port of Savannah unimpeded. This massive undertaking is scheduled to be completed in January 2022.

PGE l Marco Polo l Will she clear the bridge?
PGE l Marco Polo l Holding our breath as she clears the bridge!