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California, USA

Los Angeles has the perfect weather for sailing year-round. In September, sailing out of Redondo Beach we were blessed with good winds, warm breeze, and a gorgeous sunset.

Sailing is the perfect activity to share with friends. Inviting Friends to a day sail can help split the cost and enhance the experience. 

In late September my wife and I took a 3-hour afternoon sail out of Redondo Beach Harbor in Southern California. Our captain for the day was Andy Bednarek, a lifelong sailor who exudes the kind of confidence and know-how that would make even the most timid person feel comfortable on the water.

Sailing the coast of Southern California is a great way to spend an afternoon or an entire day. The air is warm, the wind is up and views of the mountains and the coastline immediately take your mind off your long week. It’s not long before you settle into a more peaceful state-of-mind, letting your captain do the work as you sit back and enjoy the adventure. The further you get from shore the more relaxed you become. It’s that easy.

Then…seemingly out of nowhere pods of dolphins come to greet you like school kids who have been waiting for you to show up and play with them. Gulls and pelicans dive with the precision of tiny fighter jets to scoop up another meal. As you witness this spectacle your day-to-day cares vanish in the salty breeze.

One thought that comes to mind when you are sailing is…why aren’t there more people out here?

One thought that comes to mind when you are sailing is…why aren’t there more people out here? You see thousands of them on the beach and in the beach towns and you navigate the freeways with tens of thousands more trying to get to the beach. Yet when you are on the boat it feels as though you own the ocean. That is just one of the magical aspects of sailing…the sense of solitude you feel when you’re out there.

If you have never gone sailing, yet have always been curious, grab a camera and some friends and book some time with any of the several companies posted below. No matter which one you choose you are likely to get hooked on this wonderful way to spend an afternoon.