Enjoying P’Alma Sushi

Playground Earth l P'Alma Sushi l Salmon Sashimi

Enjoying P'Alma Sushi

Over a recent lunch with friends the talk turned, as it often does, to food. Specifically sushi.

“Have you tried P’Alma Sushi in Ponta Delgada?” one friend asked us.

“No…please tell us more!”.

We had been to a couple of places that serve variations of sushi but none were free from the current trend for “fusion” sushi. While we have no complaints about those type of places, we were simply looking for a more authentic sushi experience.

A week later we made the drive to Ponta Delgada to pay P’Alma Sushi a visit. When we walked through the door we were greeted with an enthusiastic “Boa tarde”… good afternoon in Portuguese.

With a cold beer and menus in hand we realized that both of us forgot our reading glasses in the car. Oh well…looks like it will be chef’s choice. Lunch began with a refreshing cup of thinly sliced raw carrots w/ aioli and grilled edamame with sea salt which made for a great snack between flights.

We started off with a couple of tuna hand rolls (our choice) followed by seared salmon sashimi along with an order of tuna sashimi. Similar to Japan, tuna from the Azores region is highly prized, 100% sustainably caught and uber fresh. Included on our tuna plate was some locally caught white fish and a compliment of salmon belly with caviar. The presentation was simple yet meticulously and thoughtfully prepared.

Playground Earth l Ponta Delgada l P'Alma Sushi
Playground Earth l Ponta Delgada l P'Alma Sushi

I think we just discovered our new favorite sushi spot!

Leo, the head sushi chef is from Brazil and was rigorously trained under a sushi master from Lisbon. Five months of 12-14 hour days certainly paid off as Leo’s skill, preparation and presentations were all high quality. The staff of P’Alma are enthusiastic about this year old venture and their desire to please was on full display without being overwhelming.

Our only regret with P’Alma Sushi is that we had not heard about it much sooner.

I guess we’ll just have to come back!